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Assist. Professor of Sociology Department of Sociology
A.R.Burla Womens College,
Solapur University, Solapur.
258/34, Raviwar Peth,
Maharashtra, India.
Cell: 9595359435
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Title :
New Social Science Ideas
Edited By :
Yakkaldevi (Dept of sociology, A.R.Burla Mahila Mahavidhylay, Solapur.)
Publish By :
Laxmi Book Publication (LBP)
Introduction :
The book will be a collection of conceptual and original contributions. The book encourages high quality chapters. The primary audience for the book includes researchers, scholars, graduate students, engineers, practitioners and developers who are interested in Social Science research and security related issues. The book will be organized in self-contained chapters to provide readers great readability and flexibility.
Aim & Objective of the Book :
This book aims to provide a systematic overview of the latest interdisciplinary ideas in the field of Social Science. The main sujects covered in this book are: Sociology, History, Politics , Education and Economics in educational practice, development. The book will provide up-to-date reviews of intelligence techniques and theories used in Social Science for human authentication and identification.
Language :
This book edition will be publish in only English Language. All submissions should be written in English. Those whose first language is not English are strongly advised to have their manuscripts submit in English Language.
Recommended topics are including, but are not limited to the following :
  • The Mind and Society
  • Global Terrorism
  • Social Construction
  • Social Studies as Science
  • Search for Social Excellence
  • Social networks and social Science
  • This nation has to change
  • Something Essential to be done
  • Midwives and Birth Rates in india
  • Does Dmart Help or Hurt Local Economy?
  • Are We Born Liberal or Conservative?
  • Does Movie Violence Impact on student Behavior?
  • Facebook and Family Communication
  • International Development and Social Sciences
  • New Opportunities and new Challenges in Social Science
  • Any Related the above topics

Proposal Submissions :
Interested Professors, Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit book chapters. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind peer review basis. Authors are encouraged to include original charts, graphs, photos or other multimedia objects. Please e-mail your Chapter Proposal and a brief personal biography, as a Word attachment, to Your proposal should also include a chapter title. After careful review of all proposals, the Editorial Board will contact individuals to request full-length chapters. Further instructions and details will be provided at that time. Questions and comments should be directed to Yakkaldevi
Deadlines :
  1. Submission of full book chapters (up to 25 pages): December 31, 2012
  2. Notification of accepted chapter proposals
  3. Peer reviews of book chapter manuscripts sent to author(s)
  4. Revised/Final version of chapters received by editors
  5. Final book submitted to publisher