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Format of Research Paper
  • Cover Page

    A cover page as a separate file attachment.

    1. Title of Paper
    2. Name of Author
    3. Academic Departments
    4. Institutional Affiliation of Author
    5. Positions of Author
    6. Mailing Address
    7. Email Address
    8. Mobile Number
  • Abstract
  • Summarize an article useful for browsing or keywords searching a brief set of statements that summarize, classifies, evaluate or describes the important points of a text.

  • Keywords

    Introduction and statement of the problem, identifies the need for the work and poses the research question.

  • Review of Literature

    Places the work in context, restatement of the research question as an Hypothesis.

  • Method

    Do the sample, measures, methods, observation, procedure and statistical analysis ensure internal and external validity!

  • Integration

    Does the study provide a good test of the theory and hypothesis or sufficient empyreal grounds for building new theory.